Monday, December 17, 2007

Andre, my team is sorry

(Think L7's "Andres" for post title.)
Despite the fact my first two draft picks (who shall remain nameless) either stunk or were hurt most the season, I think I still could have made the playoffs in my fantasy football league if I had wide receiver Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans healthy all season. He was money when healthy, averaging 100 yards and a touchdown per game. But he only played seven, and the Pacmen are in last place, missing the playoffs.

Naming my team after the suspended Titans cornerback/professional wrestler Pacman Jones may have been bad karma, but Pacman did well by me last year, and I stick by my players. The efforts of those who fought hard for me down the stretch this year will not be forgotten come 2008.

Also, we need to give Cool Uniform Props to the Texans for trotting out the red jersey/red pants combo against the Broncos this past week.

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