Sunday, February 24, 2008

Notes on a 24-hour Jackass takeover

The Jackass crew took over MTV for 24 hours starting noon Saturday. Some observations from casual viewing, not made in real time like the Highlander documentary:

— Talking about the pre-Jackass says, someone said Pontius used to get kicked out of bars sober, to which Pontius responds, "Then I started to get kicked out of bars drunk."

— After being fired from Big Brother magazine, Pontius said he got a job with one of the largest women's organizations in the country, and was their only male employee. That may not have been accurate but it's funny.

— MTV, for Black History Month I assume, has been running these pieces from Cornel West with promos for MTV shows. In one he's talking to high school kids or something and says "If the music's gonna be thin and empty, then your souls are gonna be thin and empty." Cut to clip from this week's Making the Band 4, with the "pimp and ho situation" quote. Irony eating itself.

— As an aside on MTV promos in general, for a while they've led into them with some indie band playing or being interviewed, like Tegan and Sara or this week's piano-playing indie chick. Why? They never play videos from those people, thus most kids don't know who they are. So what's the purpose? Is that how MTV staffers are able to sleep at night, running five-second interview snippets from Tegan and Sara and getting the Silversun Pickups onto a Gauntlet III episode soundtrack? Yes, OK, you're not a complete whore. Oh wait, yes you are.

— During the tribute to Evel Knievel, Mat Hoffman to Midget Mike before he did a back flip with Travis Pastrana on Pastrana's motorcycle: "Hold on, and if it doesn't work we'll tell you about it later."

— I flipped back to MTV from something and the below was playing. I can't imagine why, as most of the videos they were playing were friends or by Spike Jonze, etc. Whatever, I'm down.

— Hep-C Barrel Roll. Ha.

— A Kris Markovich sighting in skating clips.

— Bam still pissed at the guy from Dirty Sanchez for melting the clutch in his Lambo doing doughnuts on Gumball 3000.

— I want to do my own 24 hours of MTV to show any music videos, and shows, but mainly any videos I want. Who's with me?

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