Thursday, February 14, 2008

Orange On the Aisle: Eastern Promises

Ended up liking Eastern Promises more than I expected, as I was only so-so on Cronenberg's A History of Violence. In fact, when it ended I was a little surprised and wanting more.

This film gets pretty nasty, and I'm not even talking about naked Viggo fighting in the Turkish steambath scene, though that fight was pretty badass. I'm talking a poorly executed throat cutting that's gross, and a pregnant girl collapsing in a pool of her own blood in a pharmacy. I knew it was coming the second she walked in the door, but still gnarley.

Some of my favorite stuff in The Wire involves the dope "connect" with Sergei and the Greeks, and there should be no shortage of material focusing on Russian and Eastern Euro outfits as their influence grows and the Italians continue to collapse in on themselves. Hopefully this promises more stuff in the league of Eastern Promises.

Special shout-out to Vinz!

— 4 out of 5 kneecap tats

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