Sunday, February 3, 2008

Orange On the Aisle: Rambo

Stallone's getting killed for this fourth incarnation of the Rambo series, and for good reason, but let's give him credit for at least one good call, though there's next to no chance he intended it.

The first scene portrays actions so reprehensible and bloody that it will make you walk out of the theater, or desensitize you properly for the carnage to come. Jeremy and I stuck around for the throat-ripping, head-exploding, jeep driver-disintegrating fun and you really could only just sit back and marvel. I most enjoyed the bow and arrow bit.

Special kudos to the chick who brought her 10-year-old daughter to the show. Babies havin' babies.

I also liked the pictured poster with its spray paint stencil look. When I saw them up in Brooklyn in November I thought it was a joke. Well, I guess it's still funny.

— 1 out of 5 head-piercing arrows

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