Monday, February 11, 2008

Dianetically opposed

Posters on Warren Ellis' Whitechapel site followed the quite humorous global Scientology protest by Anonymous yesterday. One poster observed:

A chant of "This is religion!" (pointing to the left) "THIS IS A CULT!" (pointing to the scientology building), repeating - I didn't ever work out what the original point of this was, other than to underscore that scientology is not a religion, but then the mounted police showed up to herd us out of the road so that traffic could pass. At which point, it became "THIS IS A HORSE!" (point at horse) "THIS IS A CULT!" (point at Scientology building).

More good stuff at Boing Boing, including a Frosty Ice Co. surveillance van, Mission Impossible stylee. There was a protest in Philly too, during which a Scientologist was able to disrupt a protester's enjoyment of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That's how Cruise rolls.

As a result of all this I also learned you can customize what YouTube posts look like (perty colors), and all about Mudkips. Ahh, Internet.

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