Monday, April 14, 2008

90/99MW: Respect is key

I am declaring today '90s Music Day here at Orange Whip. In between doing taxes and other crap I'll be posting some '90s stuff I like.

Starting it off is "Kid Candy" by Seaweed off of Four. I remember first seeing this video on some random alternative video show that ran on USA Network at weird and irregular times, usually filling in gaps between the end of a movie and the start of the next program — so it would only be 10 or 15 minutes of videos. This video would go on to be featured on a Beavis and Butthead episode. They liked it.

Reading the band's Wikipedia entry, I see Alan Cage became their drummer at one point. Cage was the drummer in Quicksand, and once called The Daily Collegian — Penn State's student-run newspaper — for an arranged interview. I was on staff at the time and answered the phone, but whoever set up the interview was nowhere to be found. Cage was not thrilled.

This was '94 or '95, before cell phones, so you had to be in the office to get the call. Reporter never did show up. Dumbass.

UPDATE: Had to replace this video with a cruddier version after the first one was deleted.

You know, this video works well with a pretty simple set up. Yeah, the stuff with the little heshers stealing a bike is funny, but setting up the band in a cramped arcade and just shooting them from angles works surprisingly well.

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