Friday, May 30, 2008

Dream Police

I had a couple weird and vivid dreams last night.

The first one was a short one. I was advising Mischa Barton on her next career move. Which is funny because I've never seen The O.C., and the only thing I remember seeing her in was an old episode of Miami Vice Fastlane. But that didn't stop me from dishing out advice.

She was on the phone with her agent telling him to get her anything. I told her this was a bad idea, and that the time was right for her to use her popularity among the young crowd to get a personal project onto the air. If Fox was already flooded with such young-minded fair, and wasn't interested, then take it to whoever was at the bottom of the ratings pile and looking for stuff to hook in young viewers.

All she needed was an idea for a project. Did she have one? She said she did, but the dream ended around here and I never heard it. It was probably genius.

The next dream was a good bit longer, but already getting fuzzy as I type this. I was attending a live outdoor performance by The Kids in the Hall, somewhere looking like the Old Main lawn at Penn State.

I don't remember any bits they were performing, but in between they would play parts of a black and white cop movie they ostensibly made, but weren't in. And it wasn't funny. I'm guessing it was supposed to be like one of their weirder pieces — like Sausages — but it started to feel very Lynchian. The main cop was someone looking like Tom Hulce, maybe because someone brought him up the other day on one of my Name That Film pics. Playing another cop was Lynch stalwart Dean Stockwell.

The Tom Hulce-looking guy was leading a team of detectives on a case, and they were all busy at their desks in the police station. I'm pretty confident this scene came from my watching 10 minutes of The Border — in which a bunch of border patrolmen were processing a bunch of illegal aliens at their desks — before going to bed.

The Kids were also showing a trippy animated movie that eventually turned into a comic book I was reading. I remember everything being red and orange, Optimus Prime and a page featuring some completely orange Stormtrooper Biker Scouts.

What that all means I have no idea.

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