Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fedor is quietly amused, and will break you

UFC President Dana White, always quotable, and yet not afraid to talk out of his ass on occasion (or several), called Fedor Emelianenko "completely (expletive) irrelevant" at a press conference announcing the UFC 91 match between Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture, returning to UFC having settled his legal dispute with White and the organization.

OK, let's back up a sec. Yes, it's good news Couture will be back in an octagon, ring or whatever, so long as he's fighting. And as his departure from UFC as the heavyweight champ left a sour taste, it's good he'll be fighting for the belt right away again (read the story for those details). And the Lesnar match is a great one — a physically imposing opponent billed as the next big thing. Would love to see Randy take him to school. Especially in light of Lesnar's whining about Fedor.

Which brings us back to ... Irrelevant? Did White not see Fedor dispatch former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia in about 20 seconds in his last fight? White has maybe fairly criticized Fedor in recent years for not facing any top fighters, but I had no doubt he was still the best. I don't think White did either, but he certainly shouldn't now.

I'm just a little bummed this will mean a Fedor/Couture fight will wait that much longer, and Randy isn't getting any younger. White was implying the Affliction promotion that Fedor is contracted to is in financial trouble (possible bullshit, who knows). If so, Fedor/Couture could happen sooner, but it's still a ways off. Actually, after reading Lesnar's nonsense, I'd love to see Fedor take him apart first.

But let it be said — Fedor is a bad man. Don't believe me? Get thee to YouTube. He trains by hitting tires with a sledge hammer, his mere presence makes children cry, and King King would tap.

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The Guest said...

Seriously, they're effin fighters just make it happen. stop all the red-tape bullshit and "get it on" am I right? stone cold didn't let the rules stop him from getting at McMahon... he poured cement in the mofo's limo.. get the job done. Seriously how cool would it be to hear a legend that Randy flew to russia and they just fought in Fedor's chicken coop? Money or no money at least you got your pride. Shoeless Joe Jackson got kicked out of the majors for gambling, did that stop him? no he changed his name and played minor league ball...

I guess what I'm suggesting is that Fedor change his name to Shoeless Joe Jackson, travel back in time, gamble, play minor league ball, have a son, name him Fedor and have him fight Randy Jackson on American Idol.