Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brumos def

So the racing season got off to a pretty nice start when the Grand-Am's Rolex 24 of Daytona came right down to the last lap, with the number 58 Brumos Porsche holding off the number 01 Ganassi Lexus — the team that's won the event the past three years.

The "24" in the race name signifies 24 hours, meaning it was crazy to have the top four cars finish on the lead lap, let alone running nose to tail for the last 3-plus hours. It may well have been historic.

It was definitely entertaining, especially as the car I was rooting for took the win. The win was a long time coming for the Brumos team in Grand-Am, and former Formula 1 star and current Nascar racer Juan Pablo Montoya — piloting the second place Ganassi Lexus — definitely made them earn it.

Broms also came home third with the number 59 car, which included sports car racing legend Hurley Haywood in its driver lineup. A suggestion to Brumos on the 59: Get rid of the heinous florescent green spot color on the windshield and sidesills. It was there last year, and I was disappointed to see it back.

If the 58 has florescent red, how about a blue? I guess it's there so spotters can more easily pick out the car from afar, and to differentiate it from its sister car, but surely there's a more eye-pleasing option. That green is ruining the classic Brumos white with blue/red stripe paint job.

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