Friday, January 29, 2010

The sequel has become reality

While "Return of the Bud Fox" in the title might have psyched me up a bit more, psyched levels are high for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. If you know how many times I've watched Wall Street than this makes sense to you.

NOTE 1: Videogum takes issue with the "greed is good" mention in the trailer. But, this being a Hollywood sequel, it was inevitable, no? What they should have mentioned was the awesome mobile phone sight gag. That killed and you know it.

NOTE 2: Eli Wallach is in the movie. Hell yeah.

NOTE 3: The short-haired actress is Carey Mulligan of An Education fame. I just watched her in an excellent, spooky ass episode of the current Doctor Who series from Season 3 titled "Blink." Even if you're not into Doctor Who, this is a damn good hour of TV.

NOTE 4: Bud Fox, aka Charlie Sheen, is in the movie according to IMDB. It may well be a cameo, but even so, that gets a double hell yeah.

Now why don't YOU get the hell out of MY office!

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