Monday, June 6, 2016

Stanley Cup 3-Pack

Because sometimes half a sixer is all you need ...

The NHL Finals are well under way, and with their Game 3 overtime win there's hope for the San Jose Sharks (aka not Pittsburgh). Rooting interest or not, the NHL playoffs are always enjoyable. So too are these hockey related songs straight out of the great white north.

First up is Calgary, Alberta, Canada's own Belvedere with their tribute to former Flames center Joel Otto, "Two Minutes for Looking So Good." Next is The Tragically Hip with "Fifty Mission Cap," which offers a bit of history on the seemingly unrelated topics of former Toronto Maple Leaf Bill Barilko and WWII bomber pilot hats. Last is Propagandhi with "Resisting Tyrannical Government," off of arguably the greatest punk album of all time. If you don't get the Steve Smith reference, here ya go.

Enjoy, and remember to play the man, not the puck, kids.

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