Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Orange On the Aisle: Children of Men

I caught Children of Men last night and aside from a few plot holes/questions (Why does Theo want to make the trip with Kee? What's the significance of The Fugees?), I thought this was really good. There were really good acting performances from everyone on down the line, but I most enjoyed the look of the film with both the direction (battle scene near end awesome looking) and art direction. The details in this 2027 world not too different from our own were spot on, including the see-through computer monitors, digital billboard on the side of a bus, home suicide kit commercials and dank look of London. I also liked Michael Caine's aged hippy character driving a futuristic car that still managed to look like an old, yellow Volvo station wagon.

— 4 out of 5 Fugees

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