Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Special Agent David Bowie

Speaking of David Lynch, I got the Twin Peaks Gold Box Edition for Christmas, and will be getting to that shortly. If you're a fan of the TV series but haven't seen the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me movie, I'd suggest skipping it, aside from the first half-hour or so. This part deals with Chris Isaak as an FBI agent investigating a non-Laura Palmer murder, and then the below, which is one of the craziest couple minutes of cinema you'll see. The rest of the movie deals with Laura Palmer in the week before her death in the TV series, but is largely forgettable aside from the trademark Lynch mad bits.

The below has some pixelation screw ups, and offers a (French?) translation you won't need. The weird thing is, since you're not reading an English translation of the dream sequence guys, you're paying more attention to what Bowie is yelling about, which gives you some clues to what happens in the series I had not picked up on during prior viewings.

Only Lynch could make a still shot of a security monitor so creepy.

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