Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Tour de France ended Sunday, but if you didn't catch it, or just wanted to look at some cool pics, check out the slideshow I made. I loaded up shots every night after watching that day's stage, and thus maybe had too many shots that told the story of that day, instead of just looking cool, but most are still pretty cool.

There were some big moments (Barloworld rider going over the cliff, Cunigo faceplanting into a concrete barrier, dude smashing into a tree at full speed, some notable breakaway efforts) that mysteriously got no play in the Yahoo Sports gallery, so I took what I could get. Aside from a couple only, I stuck to shots from Getty Images, because the AP stuff was always small and very flat colorwise.

Also, there seemed to be a lot less random shots of competitors this year — so the guys and teams that weren't in the running didn't get a lot of playing time. When they did show guys for no reason, as with the Stage 20 time trial, I probably included them just to represent their team and uniforms a little bit.

Doing this thing meant I had to watch every single stage, and I was usually up late loading them up, so next year might not see such a comprehensive effort. Or I might feel like it again after a year. We'll see.

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