Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sit on it, newsie!

I either didn't see the original reports or don't now remember them (it's been a while) but, according to Glenn Greenwald at, ABC News aired a number of reports implicating Iraq in the anthrax mailing attacks following 9/11. These reports were denied by the White House, and in fact were completely erroneous.

ABC News cited "well placed" sources that very likely included (unless ABC News completely made the story up) personnel at the lab that employed Bruce E. Ivins, the guy who committed suicide this week and reportedly the FBI's lead suspect in the anthrax attacks. These sources, whoever they were, made up a story that ABC News reported, and which helped lead many to believe Iraq was involved in the anthrax attacks.

Who those sources/liars are would seem to be a massive story. A massive story ABC News, who never admitted their mistaken reporting, is sitting on.

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