Monday, August 13, 2012

Cool Uniform Props: Powder blue MLB throwbacks

Most Major League Baseball teams trot out throwback uniforms a couple times each season. Recent years have seen the Phillies, Blue Jays and Brewers all reach back to a time when powder blue was prevalent — the 1980s. And joining them recently were, as pictured here, the Cardinals and Rangers.

Throwbacks are cool and all, but I think the time is upon us for some team (hopefully the Phillies) to commit full time to a powder blue uniform. In the case of the Phillies, I'd keep the home white w/ red pin stripes, as well as the the cream day game-only uniforms, and sub in the powder blues for the gray road uniforms. Everyone wears gray on the road now, and it's boring. Someone, preferably the Phillies, needs to lead the way into the powder blue yonder.

And before you say it, I know the Royals are wearing light blue jerseys on Sundays (I think) this season, but they're just jerseys and button-down jerseys at that. I'm talking about shirts and pants, with the jerseys being 80's-style pullovers. Who needs buttons?

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