Saturday, September 8, 2012

Next level food maneuvers

These guys have millions of views on most of their vids, so maybe you've already heard about Epic Meal Time. I had not until this week, when I heard Kevin Pereira briefly mention them on a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The above is one of my favorites I've seen so far. If you want the gist, watch and enjoy. It's a cooking show, of sorts. Basically, a bunch of Canadian (Montreal?) dudes redo all sorts of meals using massive amounts of meat, especially bacon. Lots of bacon. Then more bacon. And "souss." Booze too.

I think I've watched half of the 100 or so vids in the last two days. I'm not sure because I've lost all sense of time and space, but these things are hilarious so screw it. I should warn that watching these guys eat their epic meals can be pretty gross. At first anyway. You strangely get used to it.

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